El efecto Raúl en el #mundialsumilleres Ya hablan de Teruel en páginas internacionales

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The sommelier Raul Igual from Teruel, Aragon will represent Spain in the Sommelier World Championship to be held from 26 to 29 March in Japan, organized by the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI)

“I’m studying hard because one of the most important tests is a written test”, in which they have to demonstrate their knowledge, “on everything related to the world of wine, but also on water, spirits, beers, ciders, wine regions, grape varieties, wine types or styles“, Raul explained to the press.

He was champion of Spain in 2010, and in 2012 he won the right to represent Spain in the World Cup after winning the national championships held in the San Sebastián Gastronomika Fair.

Preparing for the world event involves a significant cost, especially to taste quality wines and travel to wineries and therefore the Térvalis Group, through its companies Hams El Ferial and Wineries Amprius Lagar, are sponsoring him.

“My profession is relatively unknown versus, for example chefs, and not everyone can afford it,” said the sommelier, who owns the restaurant Yain of Teruel.

“It takes effort, dedication, thinking about wine day and night, how to combine or how pair it with food, and to travel to acquire knowledge which is very costly,” he adds.

Besides participating in the European Championship in Monaco in November, he is also working to improve his English and French for sommeliers, and to refine his skills, for example in tasting or decanting.

Tasting is perhaps best known activity but a sommelier has to know about many more things.” Raul adds.

Teruel is a province of Aragon in north east Spain and has many attractions from UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its gastronomy and wine to its Mudejar architecture and attractions such as Dinopolis.
For more information about Aragon and Teruel read our Fact File on Aragon which you can also download as a pdf file.
Sin duda, la participación de Raúl en el #mundialsumilleres será muy beneficiosa para nuestra provincia J


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